To teach the attitude, skills and knowledge neccessary to carry, use, maintain and store a concealed firearm along with the detailed information a concealed carry applicant needs regarding MO Revised Statues 563 and 571.


$99 (SOF Members receive a 10% discount)
Price Includes Gun and 40 Rounds of 22 Long Rifle Ammo

Date & Time:

One Saturday per month 9am to 5pm
(Please arrive by 8:45am)


You must be 19 years of age, a Missouri resident and a US Citizen


If you wish to use your own gun you will need to bring either a revolver or semi-automatic pistol. If you don't have your own gun, SOF provides a .22 caliber hand gun (semi-auto or revolver) to CCW students. Missouri does not require you to qualify with the pistol you intend to carry.

You must bring in your pistol properly cased and cleared. The Instructor will verify their safe condition. THERE WILL BE NO LIVE AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM. Leave it in your vehicle.

You will be required to demonstrate (in the classroom with dummy ammunition) that you can safely load, unload and "make safe" (cylinder open on the revolver and slide locked back on the semi-automatic) the firearm.

You will be shooting a total of 40 rounds, with the course of fire as follows:
20 practice rounds from the standing position.
20 rounds for qualification at a B27 target at 21 feet (at least 15 hits must be in the shaded area of the target).

Extra Info:

Only factory loaded ammunition is allowed.


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Completion Certificate signed by the Instructor. This Certificate will need to be presented to the Sheriff of your respective county when you apply through his office for your permit. The fee varies by county, but is approximately $100 for concealed carry application which also includes finger printing and an FBI background check.

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Payment is required upon registration to reserve your space in the class.
If you need to reschedule or cancel, it must be done 72 hours before the class, or you will forfeit the fee.

Location of Class:

The Sound of Freedom USA
4800 N. Towne Centre Drive
Ozark, MO 65721